Pee Wee Program

Recommended for children ages 3-5

Saturdays June 23rd - July 28th

Off July 7th

8:30am  to 9:00am


Children 3-5 years old can develop hand/eye coordination, muscular strength and have lots of fun! The program consists of 1/2 hour per week lessons with 5 students per court. The summer class is held on a tennis court equipped with a pee-wee sized net.  


Instructional Clinics

Quickstart tennis program is a program designed to promote fun and success for young tennis players. The Quickstart program allows children to learn the game and have success from an early age. The program focuses on hand-eye coordination, stroke technique and footwork with fun games.  

Saturdays June 23rd - July 28th

Off July 7th

 Recommended for children ages 6-8  Time: 9:00am

Recommended for children ages 8-10  Time: 10:00am

Recommended for children ages 11 and up Time: 11:00am



  Ladder Drill & Play

NEW! For Match-Ready Players 

The Ladder Program is a supervised hitting session designed to increase consistency, drills focused on enhancing stroke and footwork development and 30 supervised minute matches. 

Saturdays June 23rd - July 28th

Off July 7th 

12:00pm - 1:30pm


Any questions, please contact Russ Wyatt