Getting Started
Not sure where or how to start?

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Our staff will help you! We a free personal training appointment with every new membership. Our trainers will be able to answer all your questions and help you implement a workout routine to begin the path to reaching your goals!. After these appointments, try our group exercise classes such as Body Attack, Body Combat, Body Flow, Body JamBody Pump, Body Step, Body Vive, RPM, Sh'Bam, Spinning, & Yoga. Group exercise is a great way to stay motivated and reach your goals. Our class instructors are always happy to assist you for your first class or answer any questions about the class. If you liked having a trainer, purchase one of our personal training packages and a certified trainer will work with you and develop a specific program to help you reach your goals!

What Clothing to Wear

Having the right clothing is essential. Your gym attire should encourage you to workout while keeping you comfortable and covered in all the right places. They should fit properly and keep you feeling dry, cool and minimally self-conscious.   

What Shoes to Wear 

Shoes should be lightweight and durable. In the winter we ask you to wear different sneakers within our facility than the ones you would wear outside. Salt from the outside is detrimental to the cardio equipment.

What Accessories to Bring 

Bring your Ipod and make a playlist that gets you motivated with songs you like. You may want to consider bringing flip-flops for the locker rooms. We always recommend a water bottle to stay hydrated. A good gym bag to carry all of these things is a good investment.

How Much to Workout

For people beginning a fitness program working out three times a week is a good starting point. You should include thirty minutes of cardio and thirty minutes of strength training each workout. When it comes to fitness, like almost everything else in life, moderation is the key.