Playoffs Rules

1. All divisions require players to have played in at least 4 matches in order to represent their team in the playoffs.

2. If a team defaults a position without providing 24 hours notice, then the opposing team may count that default as a qualifying match for the two players who were prepared to play. However, an individual player may only use one default per season toward their qualifying total.

3. Each team involved in a playoff match must ensure that the opposing club receive a roster of team players eligible to play in the playoffs 48 hours ahead of the scheduled match. The roster need not be in the order the individuals will play.

4. Concerns regarding qualification of individuals should be directed to Jennifer Burks at Fore Court 24 hours prior to the scheduled match.

5. Throughout the playoffs, the team with the best record will host the opposing team. In the semifinals, the #1 team will host the #4 team and the #2 team will host the #3 team. In the finals, the team with the best record will host all the matches.

6. Visiting teams are required to contact the home club for match times.